Homemade Metal for the Non-Woke


“Heavy Metal is perhaps the most rebellious form of music, and these days there is nothing more fucking rebellious than being a conservative” – Adam White

What is WhiteNoise?

WhiteNoise is just one dude… Me, Adam White. I’m just A middle-aged guy making metal music in my spare time, and triggering libtards in the process.

Latest Tracks / Videos


The left love changing the meanings of words to fit their agenda, discredit the opposition, and manipulate the masses. When you control the language, you control thoughts…

This video features artwork of Garry Rone at Stillwater-Designs.com


Nowadays, if you don’t agree with the current narrative, you can be branded an “extremist” by the left and the corrupt media.

“Mandate Monday”

This is my take on the 80’s classic by the Bengals…but with a modern metal twist. #LGB

“Hall of the Spider King” (instrumental)

My buddy Garry Rone does some badass VR artwork. He needed some heavy dark music to go with this piece, so I wrote this track to go with the art.

See more of Garry’s custom artwork at Stillwater-designs.com

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The WhiteNoise Mascot…

Meet “The Mad Patriot”

A veteran of the Revolutionary War, William Bedford Freeman was a brave, passionate,  and aggressive soldier on the battlefield, earning himself the title of “The Mad Patriot.”  He died fighting for freedom at the Battle of Kings Mountain in 1780.


Like many of our founding fathers, Will B. Freeman has been rolling in his grave due to the absolute fuckery going on in the world today.  Unable to rest in piece, the power of freedom has compelled him to rise from the grave and once again fight tyranny.


The Mad Patriot has emerged to rally the people against corruption, tyranny, and the woke liberal socialist ideology that is destroying America from within.  Perhaps when sanity is restored to the nation he helped create, he can once again rest in piece…

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