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What the fuck is all this, and who is the idiot behind it? Read below to find out…

“American Cancer”

What is WhiteNoise?

WhiteNoise is just one dude… Me, Adam White. I’m just A regular middle-aged guy making metal music in my spare time, and apparently triggering a lot of libtards in the process.

I write all the music, play all the instruments, and poorly attempt to sing. I record the music and produce these amateur videos in my basement with limited time, gear, and expertise…I just kinda make this shit up as I go.

I’ve been writing and recording music most of my life, but only recently decided to put some lyrics and vocals to it and share it with the world.

Learn more about what I do and why I do it below.

Why do you have such a racist band name?

The fact that people actually ask me this question is 90% of what is wrong with the world today.  My last name is “White.”  I make noise.  It seemed like a fitting name.  Those that would infer some sort of racism from that can fuck off.  I’ve been using this name for my little project here for probably 20 years…long before everything in the world was considered “racist.”

Why does your singing suck so bad?

If my singing “sucked,” I think it would actually be an improvement!  But here’s a little bit of the back story:  I’ve been writing and recording music for years, but I rarely put any lyrics to most of my songs. I didn’t know what to write about, and I can’t sing anyway, so why bother?  

Then in recent years, with the current political climate, I found that I had a lot I wanted to say. But I certainly couldn’t say it on social media and jeopardize my career over my viewpoints, so lyrics suddenly became my outlet.  

After the events of Jan 6th, when we handed complete control of out government over to socialists, I decided fuck it: I’ll just sing this shit myself.  How hard can it be?  I had never sung a single note prior to 2021, and learning to sing in your mid-forties is quite a feat.  I certainly have a new found respect for those that can actually  sing/scream/growl…that shit ain’t easy!  I just record myself over and over and over until I get a take I can live with.  And there you go…that’s why I suck!

Why don’t you have anyone else in your band?

There are a couple of reasons for this.  First off, I’m just a regular dude and work a full-time job.  Between the job, the wife, the dogs, and everything else, it is hard to find the time to commit to a serious band.  

Second, most musicians I have ever worked with tend to be flaky and unreliable, with huge egos.  I ain’t got time for the drama and bullshit.  Very few are willing to play someone else’s shit and not want to alter it their own way. I like maintaining 100% creative control over my music.

Lastly, I think that for any band to be successful they have to get along on a personal level.  Finding other talented conservative metal heads is about as easy as winning the fucking lottery.  Most musicians I’ve met are flaming fucking libtards.  No thanks.  That said, I would be totally open to working with other like-minded musicians, if they exist.

Why be so political?  You are severely limiting your audience.

Not everything I do is political, but a fair amount certainly is.  I have no doubt that I have severely limited my potential fanbase to conservative metalheads, which are a rare breed.  I like to think of it as more of a niche market. But I don’t do this for any hope of money or fame (believe me, there is none of that!). I also don’t do this to see how many “likes” or followers I can get.

The reason I do this is quite simple.  We are in a war for our culture, and conservatives are losing this war on nearly every battlefront.  The left control the vast majority of our news, our entertainment, our education system, and even our ability to communicate ideas on social media. You can’t even turn on the fucking TV without having liberal woke garbage  rammed down your throat. An entire generation has been indoctrinated into leftist ideology.  

Part of the problem is that there is just not enough conservative-based content out there, so people aren’t exposed to it.  There is very little in the way of music, movies, or entertainment that express conservative values.  The other part of the problem is that most conservatives are absolute pussies when it comes to speaking their minds.  Rather than calling it the “silent majority” we should call it the “complicit majority.”

Anyway, so this is me doing my part (as insignificant as it may be).

Do you have an album or CD out?

Lol, no.  This is just homemade shit I do in my basement.  I certainly have enough material to make like  3 or 4 albums, but have no idea how or where to start. Although I am working on it and hope to get something out by the end of 2022….but we’ll see.

Where can I listen to your stuff?

I am now on all major streaming platforms, although the amount of content available is still fairly limited. I just recent learned that you have to have a distributor to get on the major platforms, so I joined one of those online services that take care of that shit for you. I am in the process of remastering all my previous work and releasing those songs to these platforms as I finish. I have more (unmastered) content available on Soundcloud, or on my YouTube channel.  You can also listen to my songs on this website.

I dig what you’re doing.  How do I show my support?

There are several ways.  First of all, speak up, spread the word, and don’t be one of the “complicit majority!” Follow me on social media and share with like-minded individuals.  Follow me on Spotify, iTunes, YouTube Music, and all the rest. Stream the shit out of it and share. You can also purchase my songs on iTunes.

If you really dig what I’m doing you can donate to the movement on my Patreon page.  I’m not in this for any money or profit, but would use the funds to further promote the music. Conservative metalheads are hard to find, and as much as I hate fascistbook, their ads are the best way to find like-minded people.

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