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Most videos are just amateur shit (me filming myself with my phone). Sometimes I get a little fancy and do some greenscreen shit and special effects.


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Original Songs


The left love changing the meanings of words to fit their agenda, discredit the opposition, and manipulate the masses. When you control the language, you control thoughts…

This video features artwork of Garry Rone at


Nowadays, if you don’t agree with the current narrative, you can be branded an “extremist” by the left and the corrupt media.

“People Suck”

The title pretty much says it all. Our species has become a race of vile and disgusting idiots, making it hard to maintain any faith in humanity…

“American Cancer”

There is a disease destroying this country…and it’s NOT the Coronavirus!


The woke mob are the most bigoted people on Earth and completely blind to their own hypocrisy. I thought they deserved a song.

“The Swamp”

Obviously about Washington D.C., one of the most corrupt places in America

“Cancel Culture”

It seems like you just can’t say anything these days without upsetting the woke mob.

“Psycho Bitch”

A nice love song about no one in particular…

“Talkin’ Shit”

An old-school southern-style rock song about…well it’s pretty self-explanatory


The riot is not the worst thing that happened that day. A questionable election ratified, a run-off election in Georgia, all resulting in handing over complete control of the government to socialists. We may never recover…

Original Songs …with a touch of humor


Dedicated to snowflakes everywhere. I had some fun with this video…and made a complete fool of myself in the process!

“Mandate Monday”

Technically not an original. This is my take on the 80’s classic by the Bengals…but with a modern metal twist. #LGB

“Social Justice Warrior”

The superhero of the left…virtue signaling their wokeness by exposing “privilege” and protecting us from “hate.”   The world has no shortage of these douchebags..

Restricted by the Commies at YouTube

“Back the Blue”

You know what…fuck YouTube. This song is about the brave men and women that wear the badge and those that have made the ultimate sacrifice. Apparently YouTube does not like the clips of cops being heroes, or thugs being pieces of shit.

You will have to sign in to YouTube to view it…or watch it here on Rumble.

“For the Greater Good”

It is both sad and disturbing at how quickly and easily people are willing to surrender their rights, all while attempting to erase history, and ignore the lessons it has taught us about what happens when people are not free.

Apparently YouTube does not like truth, and put an age-restriction on it. You will have to sign in to view it…or fuck them, watch it here on Rumble.

Covers and Instrumentals

“Hall of the Spider King” (instrumental)

My buddy Garry Rone does some badass VR artwork. He needed some heavy dark music to go with this piece, so I wrote this track to go with the art.

See more of Garry’s custom artwork at


(Metal Cover)

My metal version of John Carpenter’s Halloween. No fancy video here, just audio. One of these days I will make a video for this.

“Eye of the Storm” (instrumental)

This song slowly builds up and gets pretty heavy by the end. It sort of reminded me of a storm rolling in, so I added some rain and thunder sound effects and called it “Eye of The Storm.”

(also because I was too lazy to put any words to it)

“Final Fantasy Battle Theme” (Metal Cover)

For all my fellow nerds out there…A classic video game theme from the eighties, reimagined as metal.

“Game of Thrones”

(Metal Cover)

A little something I did for fun a few years back. Love this show and the theme song…just needed to make it a little heavier 🙂

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